Independents United


Independents United

Words Kirk Truman

Photography Joseph Lynn

“We felt that in taking away job titles and departments within the working environment, people would be forced to talk and collaborate with one another.”

There are no job titles here. Although this is almost unheard of in most working environments, it has been used to the advantage of Independents United (IU). Although there are specialities within the collective, there is also happiness and productiveness among the team (known as the independents’) – after all, happy people are scientifically proven to be more successful. At no. 19 Fitzroy Street, you won’t find any managers. Instead, you’ll find the right people assigned to the right job. Made up of non-hierarchical, multi-talented individuals who aren’t just employees, but co-owners, this creative and business solutions agency is built on collaboration and individuality. The strength of their independents in unity allows the business to function as a unit, allowing each independent united to have a say.