Fitzrovia Journal was founded in January 2014 by writer and publisher, Kirk Truman, and a team of creatives ranging from design, to photography and illustration.

An epicentre of Bohemia in the nineteen forties, Fitzrovia is now a fast developing business district which also remains home to both artists and writers alike and one of the best kept secrets in the West-End.

Published in January, April, July & October, Fitzrovia Journal is a free quarterly publication centred around the neighbourhood available in print & online. The journal is design focused with a people, business and editorial section offering a unique perspective on various subjects in the Fitzrovia neighbourhood. Regarded as a local guide to some of the best lifestyle happenings in the area, it has become a staple of the neighbourhood.

As with sister publication Soho Journal, the Journal brand will look to cover further neighbourhoods during the years to come with Bloomsbury Journal due for release in April this year.

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